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Blog: Video interviews: Jeremy Pruitt and Mike Bobo

Georgia defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo met with reporters after the Bulldogs’ spring practice on Thursday.

Pruitt said there’s still no depth chart, but players are going out with the ones based on how they performed in the previous practice.

“Two weeks into fall camp, we’ll get them in their spots,” he said. “Maybe they’ll be some guys this spring that kind of take that step to where you say I know I can count on him but right now we’re just a work in progress.”

Bobo said tailback Todd Gurley has practiced hard this spring and finished Thursday’s practice with a touchdown run of about 65 yards.

“It wasn’t like 10 yards and he kind of jogged,” Bobo said. “He finished it all the way through the goal line full speed, which was good to see.”

Overall, he expressed some frustration with the way the offense has looked this spring.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but way too many downs this spring in my opinion,” he said. “We’ve got to get better. We’re not executing in a standard high enough to win or beat anybody right now.”

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