UGA reports 14 secondary violations

Georgia football coach Mark Richt received a one-week ban from calling recruits after committing an NCAA secondary violation for impermissible contact with a recruit on Aug. 20.

The violation involved football player C.J. Curry of North Hall High in Gainesville, who gave the Bulldogs a 2012 verbal commitment in October.

It was one of 14 secondary violations Georgia reported in the last six months of 2010, according to documents obtained in an open records request.

"We continue to be diligent in our rules education, monitoring and self-reporting of rules violations," Georgia compliance director Eric Baumgartner said. "Secondary violations are going to happen and we are fortunate that our staff understands that when a mistake happens, they can report the issue to the compliance office and correct the mistake in the future."

Five of the violations were in football, including receiver A.J. Green’s much-publicized violation of selling a bowl jersey to an agent for $1,000 that brought a four-game NCAA suspension.

Richt had contact with Curry prior to Sept. 1 of his senior year, which is against NCAA rules.

In a letter from Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity to the SEC, McGarity called the violation "inadvertent."

He wrote that Richt was on a call with another recruit when he missed a call from the mother of East Hall defensive end Sterling Bailey, a 2011 commitment, who had a number with a 678 area code.

"While he was checking the voicemail left by Ms. Bailey, Coach Richt missed another call from the 678 area code," McGarity wrote. "After he listened to Ms. Bailey’s message, Coach Richt hit the send button for what he thought was Ms. Bailey. When a male’s voice answered the phone, Coach Richt was surprised and asked if it was Sterling, thinking he was calling Ms. Bailey and the PSA answered; however the person answering the phone told him he had the wrong number. When Coach Richt asked who it was, the individual said it was C.J. Curry."

Richt ended the call and self-reported the violation to Georgia’s compliance office. The other secondary violations in football included:

► Assistant coach Warren Belin sending a text message to 2011 commitment Amarlo Herrera. Belin was trying to send an e-mail from his cell phone "to all of his linebacker recruits," according to a letter from Georgia to the SEC, and accidentally hit the SMS address of Herrera. Belin reported the violation. The school prohibited the coaching staff from communicating with Herrera for two weeks.

► An unnamed assistant football coach posing for a photo at a July football camp with a recruit while the recruit’s mother took a picture. As the picture was being taken, a reporter walked behind the mother and took his own picture and posted it on a website. Georgia will work on a policy in which media may not be on the field when camps are over.

► The other violation, previously reported, involved offensive line coach Stacy Searels replying to a text message from recruit Watts Dantzler. The coaching staff wasn’t permitted to have contact with Dantzler for two weeks.

Head swimming coach Jack Bauerle also was kept from calling recruits for two weeks due to a secondary violation in his program.

A female recruit was called at two different times on Nov. 9 by Bauerle and an assistant after the recruit left a message about her scholarship paperwork. The coaches self-reported the violation. The two-week ban was put in place because coaching staff members also committed another violation by calling a recruit twice in the same week in September. Another violation in swimming involved the women’s team practicing an additional day not declared on their 144-day season. Georgia reduced practice days this season by two.

The remaining violations:

► Women’s basketball assistant Kim Hairston accepted a Facebook friend request from a 2012 recruit prior to the time coaches can send electronically transmitted correspondence to recruits. Georgia was notified by the SEC and discovered the recruit was contacted on Facebook around May, 2010.

Hairston was not aware accepting the request was impermissible. The coaching staff was prohibited from written or phone communication with the recruit for 30 days.

► The NCAA enforcement staff inquired with Georgia on Sept. 29 about men’s assistant track coach Don Babbitt contacting a recruit on his Facebook wall. Babbitt said he thought he used the Facebook e-mail feature. He was prohibited from calling recruits for two weeks.

► Softball assistant Gerry Glasco accepted payment of hotel expenses for a July tournament in Chicago from a sponsor. Coaches were educated about recruiting expenses.

► A men’s golf recruit’s sister received meals totaling $44.65 during a recruiting visit. The recruit repaid the cost of the meals.

► A volleyball staff member sent recruiting materials using priority mail, which is impermissible. The staff member was educated on the rule.

► An equestrian athlete appeared in an advertisement in Equine Chronicle Magazine. The ad was removed.

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