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Blog: UGA preseason scrimmage No. 1 (stats & Mason and J.Dawson video)

Georgia held its first preseason scrimmage Saturday evening at Sanford Stadium. It was closed to the media, but both sides had positives to take away.

Here are statistics provided by coach Mark Richt:

Nick Chubb 7-52
Keith Marshall 5-23
Sony Michel 5-21
Todd Gurley 5-13 TD
Kyle Karempelis 2-12
Brendan Douglas 6-9

Hutson Mason 10-13 104 o TD 0 INT
Faton Bauta 7-12 102 0 TD O INT
Brice Ramsey 8-16 134 0 TD O INT
Jacob Park 6-10 44 0 TD O INT

Blake Tibbs 4-44
Keith Marshall 3-56
Kenny Towns 3-42
Jay Rome 3-39
Isaiah McKenzie 2
Michael Erdman 2
Brendan Langley 2
Quayvon Hicks 2
Reggie Davis 2
Jeb Blazevich 2
Michael Bennett 2
Sony Michel 2

Streling Bailey 8 tackles – one for loss
Jordan Jenkins 5 tackles, 3 sacks
Shaq Jones 5 tackles, pass breakup
Amarlo Herrera 4 tackles
Damian Swann 4 tackles
Rico Johnson 4 tackles
Quincy Mauger 3 tackles
Tim Kimbrough 3 tackles and 1 sack, forced fumble
Kennar Johnson 3 tackles
Aaron Davis 3 tackles
Josh Dawson 3 tackles,1 sack
Lorenzo Carter 3 tackles, 1 sack
John Atkins 3 tackles
Mike Thornton 3 tackles, 2 for loss, 1 sack

Tackles for loss: Shaun McGee, Ray Drew, Malkom Parrish. Parrish also had fumble recovery and sack

Mark Richt
On offense:
“They completed balls. There weren’t many big plays given up. There were no touchdown passes. There were no interceptions either. The offense may have may have caught a couple of balls, but our defense got them on the ground.
I think our only touchdown drive was the first drive. The defense, they didn’t give up, I can’t think of any big runs.”

On secondary:
“A lot of good things happened back there. …In regard to giving up the big play, they didn’t give up any. That was big. Overall we kept that from happening. That was good.”

On Isaiah McKenzie’s kick return for TD:
“Well, it wasn’t live, it was a thud. It looked like he did. I’d have to see the film to say that he wouldn’t have got tackled. You don’t tackle on thud so you just keep going. A guy might come up and bump him out in space or two-hand tag him out in space. He did run from where he caught it to the end zone. …I’d temper that a little bit.”
“It wasn’t live. It was thud. It looked like he did. I’d have to see the film to see if he would have scored.”
“I’d temper that a little bit.”

On scrimmage overall:

“It wasn’t a scoring fest at all. There was a lot of execution. I thought both.”

On Faton Bauta going “live” in scrimmage:

“He came in my office and said he wants to be in the scrimmage. …He wanted to have a chance to do his thing so to speak offensively.”

Hutson Mason quotes

On defense:
“Coach Pruitt is just doing a really good job of coaching up on the little things. A lot of guys are getting reps. I’m kind of focused on the offense and I’m not really in a position to publicly speak out on them. I know they’re doing a good job. Coach is coaching them hard. Coach Pruitt has been there before and won a lot of big games. He’s going to put the guys in there that know how to run his system.”

On offense:
“We left some simple things out there, some throws that on a daily basis we make, but then again we made some really hard plays.”

More on defense:
“Coach Pruitt and Coach Grantham’s scheme is basically the same thing. It’s different a little bit when we go in a passing situation or a passing down, they’ll bring in a couple of more DBs whereas Grantham would basically stay with his base defense. I think that’s just kind of Pruitt’s philosophy. He wants to get as many athletes on the field as possible with the best matchup. You see a lot more team unity, you see a lot more discipline, you see a lot more guys hustling to the ball. That’s the improvement in the new defense that you’re going to see this year. You’re going to see a defense with a lot more attitude and a lot more effort.

Tight end Jay Rome

On offense:
“We moved the ball around a lot. Not near where we want to be.”

On his sore foot:
“I’ve been practicing kind of on and off.”

On Mason:
“I though he threw the ball around pretty good, hit his targets really well.”

“Pruitt has those guys doing a lot of things. I really can see a lot of energy on the other side of the ball. It’s really exciting. I’m really excited to see what they’re going to be able to do in a gametime situation. I’m kind of tired of playing against those guys. I’m ready to hit another color.”

Josh Dawson
On lack of big plays allowed:
“It just shows our focus this year. We’re a lot more focused. It’s all about business, just like our coaches. As soon as we step on that playing field, it’s business. All the playing has to stop.”

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