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Blog: UGA-Kentucky postgame: `They just overpower you’

Here are some postgame quotes from Georgia’s 57-44 loss to top-ranked Kentucky Tuesday night.

Kentucky won its 12th straight game. Georgia dropped to 10-10, 1-5 in the SEC.

Georgia coach Mark Fox

Well, that was a hard-fought contest. I thought that we opened the game well outside of we gave up a couple of easy baskets in our man defense. In the first 10 or 12 minutes of the first half, I thought we competed pretty well. We had a burp there late in the first half and we were just never able to get back in striking distance. We really played even from that point on. That little burp in the first half was extremely costly.

On Bulldogs’ offense: “Kentucky‚Äôs a terrific team. Their defense is so good. They have a great defensive team, the No. 1 defensive team in the league. It was hard for us to score certainly, but you have to giveKentuckycredit for that. That‚Äôs a very good basketball team.”

On Kentucky defense: ‚ÄúTheir length and their size. They shot the ball well in a stretch in the first half, but they just overpower you. When your two guard is as big as Miller is and then you have Gilchrist at the 3. Those guys are the size of power forwards. They just overpower you. Defensively they can switch everything and always have a size advantage. ThenDavisaround the basket is such a great protector around the basket. They have a lot of terrific pieces and they use them well together.”

On Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Gerald Robinson shooting a combined 6 of 25: ‚ÄúI felt that both Kentavious and Gerald got caught up in the moment a little bit. They were obviously the focal point of their defense, but their length and their switching limited the good looks at the basket. I felt like Gerald took some shots when maybe there was one more pass in there. I think he was just caught up in the moment but their defense can do that to you.”

On what needs to improve most: “Our defense needs to become more consistent. Our second-half defense was better than our first. That’s something we have to establish. Certainly rebounding is an issue for our team. We’re playing a smaller lineup. We’ve got everybody ratcheted down one position. That’s making our rebounding difficult. The fact that we take care of the basketball and we don’t give away possessions there helps alleviate some of the rebounding woes that we have. We need to become a more consistent defensive team. Obviously we know we’re going to be a work in progress offensively with so many new guys. That will come in time. I’ve been a little disappointed with the consistency of our defense.”

More on Robinson and Caldwell-Pope: “I thought we got caught up in that we’re playing the No. 1 team and we knew we had to compete at a high level.”

Nemanja Djurisic

On sellout crowd: “The atmosphere was great. I enjoyed every moment of the game. It’s very frustrating to lose a team like this in a winnable game.”

On how Kentucky pulled away: “At one point we had a very tight game, but the small periods of lack of focus in our defense let them get some easy baskets and we couldn’t stay in the game.”

 Gerald Robinson

On Kentucky defense: “They never really gave up any size at any position.”

On slow nights for him and Caldwell-Pope. “They were just switching screens and they didn’t give up any size when they switched screens up. They just got bigger and they were long and played good defense.”

On crowd: ‚ÄúThe atmosphere was great like we expected with the No. 1 team coming in and Kentucky bringing their own fans as well.”

Dustin Ware

On not playing until Feb. 1 at Auburn: “We’ve got some time off now. We’ve got a chance to really get ourselves back in rhythm and really just get ourselves back going.”

On if Kentucky did anything surprising:  “It’s hard to be surprised by the No. 1 team in the country. We definitely came out focused, we were ready to go, but they made some plays and made some shots. They’ve got good players and we knew it was going to be tough. We knew we were going to have to keep battling.”

More on Kentucky: “They can just beat you in so many different ways. They can beat you shooting it, they can beat you driving it. It really makes it tough. We kept battling. In my mind what stuck out was Donte’ (Williams). Donte really battled down there. He had two NBA level guys down there and he really battled down there and played well for us. We just couldn’t quite get enough.”

On Georgia’s offense: ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs just a lid on the basket. We‚Äôre getting good looks. Guys know where the shots are coming from. The balls just not going in the hole right now. It‚Äôs definitely frustrating for us. We‚Äôre just going to keep battling and keep working and eventually some will go down for us and things will start going our way again.‚Äù

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