The Nick Marshall, Cam Newton comparison

Nick Marshall’s dual-threat abilities have led him into a breakout season, but is he reaching the bar set by former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton? 

If the first comparison that came to mind was the enormous size difference between the two quarterbacks, you weren’t the only one thinking it.

Newton stood at 6-foot-6 and weighed 250 pounds during his senior season at Auburn, while Marshall measures at 6-foot-1 and weighs just 210 pounds. Even with a smaller stature, Marshall still finds a way to make plays. 

“Cam was a much bigger man, obviously, but Nick’s just as dangerous as a runner because of his speed and agility and those types of things,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said. “He can be just as effective as a runner.”

Marshall has rushed for 734 yards and seven touchdowns in the nine games he’s played this season.

But what about passing?

The junior has thrown for 1,301 yards and eight touchdowns. While he’s also an effective passer, like Newton can be, it’s been fairly obvious what Marshall prefers. He’ll run on defenses until they can stop him.

“I think they’d be throwing more if they had to throw more. From the film I see, they don’t have to throw much, so they’re just running it,” Richt said. “They are throwing some, but there are not many games where he threw over 10 passes in a game because he hasn’t had to. We know he’s a very capable passer, and the times he does throw, he’s very impressive.”