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Blog: Richt’s teleconference updates

Georgia coach Mark Richt held his regular Sunday evening teleconference tonight after the Bulldogs clinched the SEC East on Saturday night with a 38-0 win at Auburn.

The Bulldogs are getting ready for Georgia Southern and its triple-option offense against the backdrop of the top-five Bulldogs being in the national title picture still.

Some updates:
–Richt was asked if he’s telling his team that if it wins out and becomes champions of the SEC that the door isn’t closed on playing for the national title.
“Quite frankly, we’re not doing that right now,” he said. “We know we’re playing in Atlanta. We know that’s settled right now, but we know there’s a lot of work in the meantime, which is the job of getting better on a daily basis. Every time you practice ,you’re going to get better or worse. We want to try to get better. We know we’ve got some work to do as far as playing Georgia Southern this week, too. That’s really where we’ve got to be thinking and keeping our minds. If you don’t do that then all of that other stuff doesn’t mean much.”

–Offensive guard Chris Burnette, who didn’t make the trip to Auburn due to a shoulder injury, sounds questionable for Georgia Southern.
“Chris we don’t know yet, we’ll just have to see,” Richt said. “He has been making progress. We almost took him on the trip to come as an emergency guy. In fact, earlier in the week we thought he was coming on the trip.”
The line, which included Mark Beard starting at left tackle, drew high marks without him.
“I thought our line blocked extremely well,” Richt said. “There were a few times here and there where they didn’t get the job done quite right, but for the most part we ran the ball well, we blocked very well in the run game. It started with Murray getting in the right plays, but the guys executed well and the pass pro overall was good. Murray had time to throw the ball most of the time.”

–Richt said Georgia’s defensive players will see film of Georgia Southern’s offense against Alabama last season in a 45-21 Crimson Tide win. Georgia Southern ran for 302 yards.
“There’s no doubt about that because our defenses are very similar in how they line up and how they try to scheme things,” Richt said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that will be the best film by far for us to show our defense.”

–Georgia Southern is 8-2, 6-2 in the Southern Conference. Richt is playing that up.
“I look at Georgia Southeren as a winning program,” he said. “I really don’t look at what league they’re in. I know that a team that’s used to winning is much more difficult to beat than a team that’s not used to winning. Whatever division of ball they’re in, I don’t know if it really matters sometimes.”

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