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Blog: Richt: `We’re in a good place right now’

Georgia may be a heavy favorite against Kentucky on Saturday, but Bulldogs coach Mark Richt isn’t taking them lightly.

At least not in his weekly rundown of the opponent at his Tuesday news conference.

“Ok, here we go, Kentucky,” Richt said before more than seven minutes breaking down the Wildcats offense and defense.

Richt fielded questions instead having more to do with the team being on the brink of making it to the SEC championship game. A win over the Wildcats will do that.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôre excited about the possibility of winning the Eastern Division championship,‚Äù Richt said. ‚ÄúThat‚Äôs the goal–win the game and hopefully. … well it wouldn‚Äôt even be hopefully anymore. We win that game and we‚Äôre in. We know what‚Äôs at stake. I think our guys are going to continue to stay focused throughout the week and I can‚Äôt imagine them going backwards now. We‚Äôre in a good place right now. I just hope we continue to play well‚Äîprepare well and play well.‚Äù

Georgia has been to the SEC title game three times previously under Richt, who was asked about how this time compared.

Richt: “2002 that was pretty special and miraculous, I mean winning that Auburn game. 2005, the thing I remember the most about 2005 is it’s got to be D.J. Shockley and how he persevered. That was a special year without question. Of course, I skipped the one we lost. I don’t know why. I don’t even remember that year. Let’s try to win this week.”

The one he skipped, of course, was 2003 when Georgia lost to LSU 34-13 in the title game.

There was a lot of talk about this senior class. More on that from the Banner-Herald later in the week.

Among those taking part in senior day ceremonies Saturday before the final home game of the year is injured offensive lineman Trinton Sturdivant, who has endured three knee injuries.

What are his future plans?

“I’ve talked to him over the course of the season and they’ve kind of bounced around a little bit like a lot of guys his age trying to decide what’s best,” Richt said. “It’s been anything from continuing school to maybe getting out and getting some work experience as he tries to prepare to get into law school. I know he has a tremendous interest in administration—athletic administration. He’s kind of bounced around a little bit. He’s just a very bright guy who’s got a bright future and we’re going to help him realize whatever goals and dreams he has.”

So does that rule football out? Sturdivant told the Red & Black newspaper this fall that he was thinking of playing tight end next season.

“I don’t know,” Richt said about football. “He was talking about playing tight end, too, so who knows?”


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