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Blog: Richt understands `why everybody’s bent out of shape’

With Georgia reeling from three straight losses for the first time since 1990, coach Mark Richt heard some pointed questions and comments from fans during his radio call-in show Monday night.

One caller was cut off after saying the program was out of control on and off the field.

Another asked about recruiting in-state and threw in this line: “How about getting rid of Bobo?”

Richt answered the recruiting part. He did not address the question about offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

‚ÄúI understand why everybody‚Äôs bent out of shape,‚Äù Richt said later. ‚ÄúWe want our team to win and when it‚Äôs not, everyone wants to know why and they want answers and sometimes they think they‚Äôve got the answers and sometimes they want to see us do a better job, period, and I understand that and I appreciate that. To all the fans out there, I‚Äôm not happy, the boys aren‚Äôt happy, our coaching staff isn‚Äôt happy right now. We‚Äôre not going to be until we start playing the kind of ball where we can win the games.”

He added: “We‚Äôre going to keep banging away until that happens for us. I just hope everybody supports these guys through it all.‚Äù

One caller wanted Georgia to play harder.

“We do need to play harder,” Richt said. “I do think we’re playing hard but are we playing as hard as we possibly can? …The bottom line is we need to make plays that will help generate that kind of enthusiasm. ..We’re just not getting enough of that right now.”

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Georgia’s odds to win the national championship are now 8/1, according to Bovada. They were 14/1 a week ago.

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