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Blog: Richt has `addressed’ postgame incident, doesn’t want players `chirping’ during game

The day after Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and Vanderbilt coach James Franklin were at the center of a postgame scuffle, Georgia coach Mark Richt said he’s handled the matter within his own program.

“I’ve addressed it with everybody involved,” Richt said about conversations he had after the 33-28 Georgia win Saturday night. “We all know that we want to do things a certain way and we want to be able to keep our poise throughout the ballgame, too.”

Richt, assistant coaches and Vanderbilt police tried to separate the teams on the field. Richt has watched a video of the incident that included Grantham and Franklin exchanging angy words.

“Yeah, I saw it,” he said. “I just think tempers were hot. It was a very heated ballgame, a very close ballgame, a very emotional ballgame for everybody. It was just a situation where I’m sure words were spoken and all that kind of stuff. When you look at the big picture, it certainly wasn’t a pretty scene, but it really could have been a lot worse than it was. I thought coaches on each side and even some players did a good job of just trying to keep the peace and get everybody off the field without anything really horrible happening.”

Franklin said in his postgame news conference “some things were said that weren’t appropriate.”

He was asked about No. 36 for Georgia, safety Shawn Williams.

“I explained to (Richt) at the end what happened,” Franklin said. “That’s for me and coach Richt to deal with. I have tremendous respect for him. I know he’ll handle it the right way.”

Richt said Sunday evening there “were some times when things got heated during the game when we need our players at the end of the play to not be chirping or anything, just go back to the sideline if you’re on special team or go back to the huddle if you’re still on the field as an offensive or defensive player. Let’s just play football. As we know it is a very physical game, a very physical battle and emotions do get flared up and some things happen. Sometimes they happen on an accident and everybody gets riled up about it and sometimes it’s hard to slow those emotions down.”

Richt was asked if he expected any “repercussions,” to come from the Southeastern Conference for anything in the game including when it appeared that nose guard Kwame Geathers punched a Vanderbilt player. Richt said: “I have no idea. Right now we’re just going to start watching Florida film and put this other game to rest tomorrow. I’ve not been contacted in any way on those issues and hopefully we won’t.”

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