Richt asks for lots of crowd noise against South Carolina

Mark Richt wants to see Bulldog fans out and loud at Sanford this weekend. He said fans will play a big part in the game, just as Clemson’s played a big part in last week’s game.

“We really do need our fans to be a part of this game. Crowd noise really is a factor,” Richt said. “Some of our pass protection issues had a little bit to do with [Clemson’s] crowd noise. If we were at home, we have the ability to verbalize, change our snap and keep people off balance. Our crowd is crucial in this ballgame.”

Whether it’s high school or NFL football, Richt said crowd noise is disruptive regardless of how experienced a team is.

“You have guys that are professional athletes who have been doing it for years still jumping offsides, having issues with a delay of game or having to call a timeout because the communication is not right,” Richt said. “We need our crowd to create that atmosphere where it’s very difficult for South Carolina’s offense to operate.”

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