Quick hits: Ex-UGA AD Damon Evans will be a Harris Poll voter

Damon Evans took a job associated with college athletics earlier this year. Now, the former Georgia athletic director will weigh in on the top teams in college football each week.

Evans is among the 105 voters on the Harris Poll, which debuts this season on Sunday.

It’s used, along with the USA Today coaches’ poll and computer rankings, to determine the two teams that play in the BCS national title game. The first BCS standings come out on Oct. 20.

Harris Poll voters include former coaches, players, administrators and media members. Evans, forced out in July 2010 after a DUI arrest, is now with IMG College, where he heads a division that works with schools on fundraising.

Inside linebacker Paris Bostick, a freshman who had foot surgery this summer, “is just trying to get his feet back running around,” defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said. “I don’t see us using him right now with where we are.”