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Blog: Pollack’s TV role brings some heat from Dawg fans (but he still wants them to win)


Georgia fans loved what David Pollack brought to the football field in his four seasons with the Bulldogs.

The phrase “non-stop motor” became a cliché to describe what he did from 2001-04 when the defensive end had 36 sacks and was a three-time All-American.

Now he’s not loved quite as much in his ever present role on ESPN on College GameDay, College Football Live and on Thursday night football.

“I catch flak from Georgia fans when I pick against Georgia,” Pollack said. “They definitely don’t like that too much. They call me a traitor and get upset with me and stuff like that, but I take my job really serious. Do I want Georgia to win every game? Absolutely. You can’t tell me that anybody that ever went to their alma mater would ever feel any different. You always cheer for them. You always wish a bunch of success on them, but it’s your job. Your job is to call things like you see it. Your job is to be objective and give the people something that they want to listen to, that they want to hear. I’m not a big fan of the people that are blatant homers. I think you should be more professional than that. I think you should do a good job of serving the fans. I don’t think you serve the fans by always being a homer or anything like that.”

All of which means don’t expect Pollack to do any barking in the booth when he joins Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer and Samantha Steele on ABC’s broadcast of the Capital One Bowl Tuesday when Georgia plays Nebraska.

What Pollack can do without waving red and black pom poms is bring the type of insight of someone who played for Mark Richt. The Georgia coach mentioned several weeks ago that he played racquetball with Pollack last offseason.

It’s the first time Pollack’s been in the booth for a Georgia game, but he doesn’t want to treat it differently than say BYU-Boise State or Virginia Tech-Miami.

“I don’t think it’s any different,” he said. “It’s another game.”

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