OL Dallas Lee will cheer on brother from afar in BCS title game

If Georgia isn’t going to Miami to play for the BCS title on Jan. 7, offensive guard Dallas Lee won’t be there to watch the championship game.

Evan Stichler/UGA Sports Communications
Georgia guard Dallas Lee, whose younger brother is a freshman on Alabama's football team, said he'll be watching the Crimson Tide play Notre Dame on TV.

Lee’s brother, Dillon, is a freshman linebacker for Alabama.

“I’m already going to be in Florida for like a week and a half before that,” Lee said. “There’s only so long you can be in Florida on vacation, I guess. I’m going to watch it on TV at the house, but being there, I’m a little bit too upset about it to go have fun at it.”

Lee will root for his brother, who did not play against Georgia. They spoke briefly on the field after the game.

“I told him to have fun in Miami,” Lee said. “Beat Notre Dame. It was about all I could think of. He was looking kind of sad. I was like, ‘Enjoy it. An SEC championship is hard to come by. I understand I’m your brother, but don’t feel bad for me. Enjoy it with your team.’ One of us had to have a crappy day.”

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