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Blog: Much more from UGA athletic board meeting

Some more items from the UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors meeting on St. Simons Island:

–There was talk about Georgia finishing second to Florida in the SEC All-Sports Trophy for the sixth straight year.
Athletic director Greg McGarity said that’s “not where we want to be, but it’s a lot better than being somewhere below there.”
The trophy is a measure of how schools finish in SEC competition.
Some of the Bulldogs highlights: women’s swimming national title, SEC East title in football, SEC championships in women’s swimming, women’s tennis and men’s tennis, women’s basketball in the Elite Eight and gymnastics in the Super Six.
“We’ve done well I think in a broad based way and yet a few programs yet require work,” UGA president Michael Adams told the board’s executive committee. “I think we all know where they are. I’m sure everybody regrets the need for a change in baseball, but the AD talked to me about it. I felt it was important for us to support his decision.”

–Ticket scanning, which already is in place at Stegeman Coliseum, is coming to Sanford Stadium at all gates. That’s already being done with student tickets.
“This should really help us if you want to send your tickets to anyone,” McGarity said. “You can do it online and then you’ll scan the ticket. It also gives us data on who is showing up, accurate numbers. It will allow us from a customer service standpoint to do a tremendous amount of things.”

–Some more details on the closed captioning of the public address system at Sanford Stadium. The move comes because of schools being sued. Georgia was warned by Kentucky about possible lawsuits.
“Basically we’re going to install two 36-foot LED panels that will bring us up to code,” McGarity said. “It’s the right thing to do. It’s in all your NFL stadiums.”

–Wonder why Georgia wants at least seven home football games a year? The impact of six home games versus seven is $2.6 million less in ticket revenue. Then there’s what comes from concessions, novelties and sky suite amenities.

–Georgia estimates spending $930,000 more in football coaching salaries this coming year.

–Some other budget numbers. Georgia projects its distribution from the SEC in fiscal year 2014 will be $20.23 million, up from $19.5 million in 2013.

–McGarity said it would probably be two or three years before SEC schools get any revenue from the SEC Network. “It has tremendous upside,” he said.
Adams said the Big Ten was ahead of the SEC in establishing its own network, something he said he wanted to launch five years ago.
In case you were wondering, McGarity has DirecTV at home.
Once agreements are reached with providers, McGarity expects the SEC Network will be tiered prominetly. He said on DirecTV that would be in the 200s right next to ESPN and ESPN2.
“As you’re scrolling, you’re not going to have to go to the 600 tier or whatever to grab the SEC Network,” McGarity said.

–Spring grade point averages (including walk-ons) men: cross country 3.32, track 3.05, tennis 2.96, swimming 2.94, golf 2.89, baseball 2.80, football 2.76, basketball 2.72. Total: 2.85. Women: gymnastics 3.40, cross country 3.39, tennis 3.39, swimming 3.33, equestrian 3.33, golf 3.30, track 3.15, volleyball 3.12, soccer 3.01, softball 2.57, basketball 2.45. Total: 3.16. All Sports total: 3.01

–On the new secondary Bulldog logo unveiled before the spring game, McGarity said: “The hope there it will also move the needle a little bit on revenue from a licensing standpoint. Demographics will show that the younger Bulldog fans like stuff like this.”

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