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Blog: McGarity says Richt can tell a recruit: `I’m going to be the coach at Georgia during your time here’

When Georgia football coach Mark Richt and athletic director Greg McGarity met last week to talk about extending Richt’s contract they “agreed in principle that he wants us and we want him,” McGarity said.

The exact details of how long to lengthen Richt’s deal aren’t nailed down yet.

“How long that is, we’ll work through all that stuff,” McGarity said this morning. “He can go tell a recruit in high school, a senior, `I’m going to be the coach at Georgia during your time here.’”

Richt’s current deal runs through the 2013 season.

For a current high school senior to be ensured he will play his entire career at Georgia  under Richt, his deal would need to be extended two or three years depending on if the player redshirted.

McGarity said that he not met with Richt to talk further about the contract extension since their initial meeting last Friday.

“There’s no urgency to do it right now,” McGarity said. “We are in a good place right now and we’ll worry about all the other stuff later.”

Richt is the 10th highest paid head coach in the nation at about $2.9 million a year, according to a USA Today salary survey, but he’s the sixth highest paid in the Southeastern Conference.

“My main thing with all of our coaches is to be fair,” McGarity said. “Where do they rank among their peers? You don’t know that right now because there’s so much change going on. You really don’t know until February or March where things land. …I’ve made a commitment to Mark and his staff that we’re going to be fair. What does fair mean? If you’re in the top 10 in the country, I’d say that’s fair.”

McGarity has yet to meet with university president Michael Adams to talk about details for a Richt deal.

McGarity and Adams will be in Los Angeles together on Saturday when the men’s basketball team plays at Southern California. They will be attending a “UGA Day” with the school’s alumni association.

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