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Blog: McGarity making changes with `no-nonsense’ approach

Greg McGarity’s decision to make a change atop the Georgia baseball program is just the latest example that the Bulldogs athletic director isn’t gun-shy about cutting someone loose if results aren’t there.

David Perno’s firing marks the fourth head coach to go since McGarity was named as athletic director in August of 2010.

UGA president Michael Adams hired McGarity as Georgia AD from Florida where he worked for Jeremy Foley, an athletic director Adams respects.

McGarity brought with him “sort of a no-nonsense view that at the University of Georgia, you’ve got to be competitive almost no matter what, given our resource base, our commitment to athletics, how much the Bulldog Nation cares about it, how much the whole state cares about it,” Adams said.

McGarity also made moves in volleyball, women’s golf and gymnastics as well.

“One of the things I liked about Jeremy and I’ve watched him for over 20 years, if you produce you get rewarded, if you don’t produce you probably end up on the outside looking in,” Adams said before Perno’s firing and not talking about any sport specifically. “That’s kind of the way it is today if you get in it at this level. …The coaches know this. They’re not dumb people to be where they are at their profession. This is a place at this level, whether you’re a head coach or a department head or a dean or a researcher or president, you’ve got to produce. You produce here, you do well. You don’t produce here, you don’t do well. This is a meritocracy.”

McGarity said the expectation at Georgia is that all sports are competitive.

“When you are competitive then you have to evaluate programs,” McGarity said last week. “Even those programs that are successful, you can’t let your guard down. There’s an accountability piece. The University of Georgia has every resource imaginable.”

McGarity wants Georgia to rank among the top 10 athletic programs in the country, but does making moves with baseball and gymnastics in the last year mean that a move will be made next spring with basketball coach Mark Fox if the Bulldogs don’t reach a postseason tournament?

Not necessarily.

“We’ve got some programs that basically have no tradition,” McGarity said. “Volleyball, no tradition. Men’s basketball doesn’t have much of a tradition. We have struggled in some sports. We just need to get to where all of our sports are competitive on a national level. Some might take more time than others. Every sport is a little bit different. That’s probably the best way to say it. There’s not two sports really alike.”

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