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Blog: Jarvis Jones: `I never stressed’ about NCAA decision

Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones met with reporters after today’s scrimmage to talk for the first time this preseason.

He spoke a day after he got word from Georgia that he was cleared by the NCAA after an investigation into whether he received improper benefits. The NCAA agreed with Georgia that Jones had pre-existing relationships with employees of the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department.

On reaction: “It was great to finally get it over. I can go on with the season and prepare the best way we can for the Boise State game. I think I had a great team of support with compliance and everybody in the whole deal. It‚Äôs out of the way now and everybody can move on and get ready for the first game.”

On what last couple of months have been like: “It‚Äôs been the same for me. I‚Äôve been preparing the same way. It never bothered me. I never stressed about it, not one day. Now that we know it‚Äôs over we can prepare the best way we can.”

On his level of concern: “It was something I never really worried about. I knew I was in the best position so I never really stressed about it or anything. God put me in the best place and the best position and the people that handled it, they handled it really well. I think it was a great day.”

On first person called: “I didn’t really call anybody. Everybody was texting me. I knew I was good the whole time.”

On why he didn’t stress about it: “I knew I didn’t do anything. I knew the situation was good from the get-go. It was just some business that people had to go through and investigate what they had to do and they handled it really well.”

On pre-existing relationships: ‚ÄúI knew my situation from the get-go like I said so that‚Äôs why I never stressed about it. That‚Äôs why in the end everything came out good and we can keep rolling.”

On his three sacks today after ruling: “My main thing is every time I step on the field is just go hard and make myself better and make my teammates better. That’s what we did. And also just having fun, that’s what I did today.”

On if there is weight off him now: “Absolutely. Some of the people, it did affect. Like some of the people that did know about it. Some of the teammates were probably asking me about it. Now it’s over and we can move on and prepare the best way we can.”

On chance to play for first time in a long time: “It’s very exciting. I’ve been off for a year and a half you can say. So to step back on the field and get to play again especially at home at Georgia, one of the best places in America, it’s got to be exciting. I can’t wait to go out there and show my fans, my friends, my family what we can do.”

On whether some of the people at the Columbus Parks & Recreation Department helped raise and mentor him growing up: “Absolutely. If you have been reading the reports and everything, that definitely tells you that the people involved were in my life since I was a young age.”

On at what age they became involved: “About 12. 11 or 12. It‚Äôs been quite a while. The people, they still are mentoring me. I still talk to them. They‚Äôre still my family.‚Äù

On his impact this fall: “I just want to be in the best position to help my team improve and excel the best way we can. Whatever it takes, whatever position our coaches want to put me in, that’s where I want to be at. I just want to have fun making plays.”

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