Injury bug bites Bulldog offense

The Georgia football team’s injury list may not be as lengthy as it was last season, but eight of the nine players on it after Thursday’s practice came from the offense.

That’s contributed to the unit not playing up to the standard of offensive coordinator Mike Bobo.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but way too many downs this spring in my opinion,” Bobo said. “We’ve got to get a lot better in a lot of areas. We’ve got a long way to go from what we’re going to do in the fall against Clemson because right now we’re struggling to execute.”

Georgia is missing wide receivers Malcolm Mitchell (leg, knee) and Justin Scott-Wesley (knee) and tight end Jay Rome (foot). Tailback Keith Marshall (knee) isn’t taking part in any contact work and offensive tackle Watts Dantzler (concussion) and tight end Jordan Davis (knee) were also out again Thursday.

‚ÄúYou‚Äôve got what you got,‚Äù Bobo said. ‚ÄúI know I seem probably a little frustrated but talking to our guys afterwards, `You can‚Äôt get frustrated. We‚Äôre rolling a lot of guys. Just keeping going through your progression, going through your reads and trust what you see. If they don‚Äôt make them or it doesn‚Äôt happen, you can‚Äôt get frustrated by it because I sense some frustration a little bit.’‚Äù

Reinforcements are coming this summer and Bobo said incoming freshmen at tailback, tight end, on the offensive line and even at receiver will be given every opportunity to play.

“There’s no question that we’re going to have to have freshmen play for us this year and play meaningful minutes,” Bobo said. “Some of them, possibly start. We’ve got to get more competition on the field. Obviously getting Jay back at tight end will help but obviously at the tight end position, the receiver position at the running back position and the o-line, there’s not enough competition at those spots.”