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Blog: Herschel to Isaiah Crowell: `Do your thing’

Georgia living legend Herschel Walker has some simple words of wisdom for Isaiah Crowell, the running back who just might be the next big thing at the position for the Bulldogs.

“The advice I’d give him is do his thing,” Walker said. “You can’t worry about what people think about you. …Just do what he can do and don’t worry about making mistakes.”

Crowell, the incoming freshman star from Carver High School in Columbus, is being looked at to make an instant impact for a team coming off a 6-7 season.

Walker said he’s seen some of his highlights.

“It’s never fair to compare any running backs or any athletes because they are so different in generations and different teams,” Walker said. “He has got so much talent. People are looking for so much from him.”

Walker said in 1980 he joined an upperclassmen heavy team that ended up winning the national title.

“The team was already there,” said Walker, who rushed for 1,616 yards as a freshman in 1980. “They were looking for a running back so I fit into a situation. Right now everyone is looking for him to go out there and just carry his team. All he’s got to do is carry his position, carry what he’s supposed to do and most of all just enjoy.”

Walker held court with the media at the football team meeting room for a half hour this afternoon.

While the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner is in town for a couple of days, he will speak to the team and plans to work out with them tomorrow, including Crowell.

“I may get a chance to see him tomorrow,” Walker said. “I may get a chance to work out with a lot of the guys. I’ll get a chance to see him tomorrow. That’s not against NCAA rules. Oh, he’s already signed. That’s all right. Now you get in trouble for saying hello to anyone.”

Former Georgia assistant coach Mike Cavan, who works for the athletic department, asked Walker to come to town to speak to the current players.

“I was happy they asked me to come back,” Walker said. “Sometimes I think people forget about you when you start getting old. I don’t know if I’m old or not, but you start getting old people forget about you. …Tomorrow I’m probably going to work out with the team a little bit. Just to show that I can work out a little bit. I’m still in a little shape.”

By the looks of it, the 49-year old Walker may need to take it easy on the boys. Walker filled out his red and black Georgia Nike polo shirt like he might have in his playing days. He’s still in fighting shape. His next MMA fight could be in August.

“This campus made me,” Walker said. “Every time things get tough, I know that this is home, this is family.”

That’s part of the message he said he will deliver to Georgia’s heavily-touted “Dream Team” class.

“That’s what I want to say to say to all the rookies, the freshmen coming in. This is family,” Walker said. “They’re going to get out of it what they put in. What you’ve got to put in is hard work, you’ve got to go to class. You’re here to play football. You’re not here to go to bars, to go out drinking or to chase girls. You’re here to play football and get your education. If you do that, good things are going to happen. Look at me.”

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