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Blog: Georgia sells out its Outback Bowl ticket allotment

Georgia has sold out of its 12,000 ticket allotment for the Outback Bowl, athletic director Greg McGarity said this morning.

The school asked for additional tickets for the Jan. 2 game in Tampa against Michigan State that are still on sale, he said.

“We continue to move them, but our block is gone,” McGarity said. “It’s reassuring and comforting to know that our fans have responded like that.”

That 12,000 initial allotment includes what Georgia is distributing to send its band, Athletic Association staff and for its players, who get six tickets each.

Tickets can still be purchased for $75 from Georgia.

Georgia reported to the NCAA that it sold 3,244 tickets to the Liberty Bowl last year in Memphis, but there were about 15,000 Bulldogs fans at the game, McGarity said, after purchases from the secondary market or from the bowl directly.

McGarity said Georgia sold 5,000 bowl tickets this year before the Bulldogs even knew their bowl destination.

McGarity said he was unsure what the demand for tickets would be given the state of the economy.

“You just don’t know,” McGarity said. “I think it’s a reflection of the way our fans have responded not only to the Boise State game, the SEC championship game and season tickets. It’s a tremendous credit to our fans who do a great job. That helps you down the road with other bowls in the future.”

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@JeffSchultzAJC @SethEmerson @BizWriterKristi Less than 3 weeks until basketball opener. Not that we are counting down.

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