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Blog: Georgia close to offering multiyear scholarships

Georgia intends to offer multiyear scholarships in time for the spring signing period, athletic director Greg McGarity said Monday, but he will first seek input from the school’s coaches before that’s finalized.

The school voted against an NCAA membership override last week and in support of the multiyear scholarship legislation that was adopted in August that gives schools the option to offer scholarships guaranteed beyond one year.

The NCAA said 62.12 percent of 330 schools voted to override the legislation, short of the 62.5 percent needed for the override.

“I think it’s good legislation,” McGarity said. “Mark Richt adheres to it anyway. The bottom line is when he signs a kid, he has him around unless they leave on their own accord or they tend to violate team rules. Anybody that conducts their program in the right way, when they sign a young man or young woman to a scholarship, they want to see it through.”

McGarity said Georgia coaches will meet to discuss any objections they have to the multiyear scholarships.

“What you don’t want to do is just jam something down someone’s throat,” he said. “I’d rather have buy-in on the front and then if we all disagree then they know at least we had an open discussion. …At the end of the day we decide what’s best for the Athletic Association.”

The multiyear scholarships could be in place in time for the start of the basketball spring signing period on April 11.

Auburn, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Nebraska already offered multiyear scholarships this past football signing day, according to the Associated Press.

McGarity said he thinks football scholarships for players that just signed Feb. 1 with Georgia could be increased as well so they would not need to be renewed annually.

“I don’t really think that would affect us much at all,” Richt said last month. “When we sign a young man, we expect to see him through to graduation. I know contractually it’s one year at a time, but from what’s in my heart and what’s in the heart of the University of Georgia is for these guys to make it all the way through to graduation. …I don’t think it will change the way we view taking care of these guys.”

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