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Blog: Georgia bowl media day extravaganza

Are you ready for some Gator Bowl talk? OK, how about some Georgia football chatter in general?

Well, today is bowl media day for the Bulldogs.

Consider this your one-stop spot for what comes out of interviews today about the Jan. 1 matchup against Nebraksa.

We’ll get a chance to talk to some players this morning. Mark Richt goes around noon. The team practices again this afternoon.

Let’s start with some videos.

Here’s quarterback Hutson Mason:

And here’s tailback Todd Gurley:

A lot of talk, as you might imagine, on the rematch aspect against Nebraska from last year’s Capital One Bowl. We’ll hit on that for a story later, but here’s some of what senior offensive guard Chris Burnette said about that:

‚ÄúThe team that wants to be there the most is usually the team that‚Äôs going to win,” Burnette said. “I think if we can continue to think about this (not) as `Oh, we‚Äôve got to play the same opponent again and a familiar place,‚Äô but think of it as another opportunity to get better, another opportunity to represent Georgia, then I think guys will get excited. For me as a senior, this is my last time to wear the red and black so that‚Äôs motivation for me. I don‚Äôt know about everybody else. It may be tougher for them. You definitely don‚Äôt want to lose to anybody in a bowl game. We‚Äôve got to represent the SEC well.‚Äù

—Count Georgia cornerback Damian Swann as back for his senior season. Swann seemed like a possibility to make the jump to the NFL entering the year, but had a rough first-half of the season. He said he didn‚Äôt even ask for information from the NFL draft advisory committee ‚Äúbecause I don‚Äôt think I was successful as I was last year.‚Äù

Wide receiver Chris Conley indicated he isn’t thinking much about the NFL possibility this year. He spoke plenty more today about his Star Wars project.

–Quarterback Hutson Mason says Nebraska is better than their 8-4 record might indicate.

‚ÄúIf you look at their games, one thing I noticed is they were a few one drive, one play here from being 9-3 or being in a bigger bowl or playing in their conference championship just like us,” Mason said. “I don‚Äôt think 8-4 describes their record just like I don‚Äôt think 8-4 describes our record. They‚Äôve got a lot of talent. It‚Äôs going to be a challenge.‚Äù

–Mark Richt didn’t have a lengthy scouting report on Nebraska quite ready to share like he usually does to start off his news conferences. So his press conference lasted less than 20 minutes today.

–Freshman tailback J.J. Green and his future position was a topic for the second straight availability with Richt.

“We have not had any discussion about him moving. I’m not saying that he never could or that he couldn’t expand his role to have an ability to learn some things out in the slot. It’s nice to have a tailback that has the versatility to go from the backfield and get out in the slot a little bit in the future. I’m sure that’s something e’ll talk about in the offseason, but we’re not messing with it right now.”

–Bowl practices usually has a lot of focus–at least from the media–on how the team will shape up for next year. Richt is trying to keep the focus on the game. At least today he was.

“I’m really not going to be interested in talking too much about next year, guy. If you’ve got a lot of next year questions, I probably won’t answer them,” he said. “We’ve still got this year to play. We’ve still got one more game.”

–Status quo on academics for the bowl game. It still looks good, without any academic casualties. ‚ÄúI‚Äôve got no fear of anything happening,” Richt said. “Not to say there couldn‚Äôt be a surprise, all the reports are not in.‚Äù

–Richt was asked about his own interest in Star Wars and if he would take part in Conley’s movie.

‚ÄúI know about Star Wars pretty good,” he said. “I liked the movies. I watched most all of them. I didn‚Äôt really realize he was making a movie but I was in Facing the Giants. That thing went worldwide, you know? I‚Äôm afraid I would blow my reputation if I did something again. If he asked me, I‚Äôd consider it, but I‚Äôm not making any promises right now.‚Äù

–An interesting development from the practice field. Freshman wide receiver Tramel Terry is working with the safeties today. Terry is redshirting this year after sustaining a torn ACL in an all-star game last December. Coaches won’t be available again until Wednesday when Richt has another availability, but the Bulldogs have depth at receiver and struggled on the back end on defense.

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