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Blog: Gameday Blog: G-Day Edition

Greetings from Sanford Stadium for G-Day 2014.

The last time the Georgia football team hooked it up between the hedges with fans in the stands Todd Grantham was on the sidelines and Aaron Murray’s Senior Night ended with him being helped off the field.

Now it’s Jeremy Pruitt as defensive coordinator and Hutson Mason as starting quarterback.

So who ya got? The Red or the Black (you know that team in White).

The G-Day rosters finally came out a few hours before the scrimmage.

Here’s the depth chart listed:

Red Team (first-team offense listed first)
LT John Theus, Mark Beard
LG Brandon Kublanow
C David Andrews
RG Greg Pyke
RT Kolton Houston
TE Jordan Davis (may be out injured) Quayvon Hicks Aulden Bynum
QB Hutson Mason Jacob Park
FB Merritt Hall
TB Todd Gurley Brendan Douglas
WR Kenneth Towns Michael Bennett
WR Chris Conley Reggie Davis

Black Team (first-team defense listed first)
DE James DeLoach John Atkins
N Jonathon Taylor Chris Mayes
DE Sterling Bailey
SAM Leonard Floyd Shaun McGee
MIKE Ramik Wilson
WILL Amarlo Herrera, Kosta Vavlas
JACK Jordan Jenkins
CB Damian Swann Shaq Wiggins
FS Tray Matthews, Lucas Redd
SS J.J. Green, Corey Moore
CB Aaron Davis

Red Team (Second-team defense)
DE Josh Dawson Ray Drew
N Mike Thornton
DE Toby Johnson
SAM Tommy Long
MIKE Reggie Carter Ryne Rankin
WILL Tim Kimbrough A.J. McDonald
JACK Davin Bellamy Johnny O’Neal
CB Sheldon Dawson Kennar Johnson
FS Quincy Mauger, Tramel Terry Jesse Jones Javonte’ Nelson
SS Brendan Langley Johna Guinn Devin Gillespie James Davis
CB Devin Bowman, Tristan Askew

Black Team (Second-team offense)
LT Xzavier Ward
LG Zach DeBell, Billy Seward, Michael Scullin
C Josh Cardiello, Glenn Welch
RG Hunter Long, Thomas Swilley
RT Watts Dantzler, Eddie McQuillan
TE Jared Chapple, Jack Loonam
QB Brice Ramsey Faton Bauta
FB Taylor Maxey Cameron Faulkner Sam Kennon
TB A.J. Turman Kyle Karempelis Kyle Vagher
WR Jonathon Rumph, Uriah LeMay
WR Blake Tibbs, Clay Johnson

Adam Erickson is the Black team punter ahead of Collin Barber who is the Red Team punter.
Marshall Morgan is the Red Team kicker. Patrick Beless and Thomas Pritchard are the kickers for the Black.
Trent Frix and Matt Herzwurm are snappers for the Black and Nathan Theus snaps for the Red.

G-Day usually brings a commitment or two. We shall see if Georgia gets some by the end of the weekend.

For you recruitniks out there, here are some of the recruits expected per DawgPost:
2015 WR Jayson Stanley
2015 TE Jackson Harris
2015 DE Natrez Patrick
2016 TE Isaac Nauta
2016 WR Ahmmon Richards
2016 DL Derrick Brown

And 2015 Alabama commitments Jonathan Ledbetter and Dallas Warmack.

The recruits will be wooed, but they are not calling any plays today.

That’s the job of the coaches and three winners of the “Call a Play for UGA” contest, the brainchild of John Lilly of the Black Team. Those plays are coming in the first half, Lilly tweeted.