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Blog: Freshman OT Theus: `It‚Äôs not a contact sport, it‚Äôs a collision sport’

John Theus has moved quickly into the first-team offensive right tackle spot atGeorgia.

The freshman hasn’t been named the starter there, but he appears to have the inside track.

The highly-touted recruit fromJacksonville,Fla.,  spoke to reporters after this morning’s practice for the first time since officially reporting to .

Here are some comments from him:

On playing first-team right tackle: “I’m working it. Me andWatts (Dantzler) are alternating that right tackle and we’re both busting our butt out there. …It’s my first camp so it’s a grind. It’s my first time out here with the big boys.”

On preparing this summer for right tackle and not left: “This summer I just went into the summer weight lifting program with Coach T (Joe Tereshsinki) just trying to get bigger, stronger and faster. We went every day with coach T. …I was on my platform. It was me,Watts, David Andrews and Greg Pyke. We were just getting better every day. When it came to work on our actual O-line drills as a team, I would work every position and just try to get there. All the guys brought me along and tried to help me get better. They’ve really been a big help to me.”

On going up against Cornelius Washington: “Cornelius is a man. There’s no doubt about that. Big, strong, powerful guy. It’s a different level up here. It ain’t high school anymore. There’s no breaks in practice. There’s no easy guys. All of these guys are out there busting their tails and going hard every rep. It’s definitely helping me to get prepared.”

On chippiness with Washington in practice: “It’s not a contact sport, it’s a collision sport.”

On Jarvis Jones making it his mission to get him ready: “Me and Jarvis have had a lot of great talks. He’s been a big help to me. He’s been helping all the O-line along.”

On learning the playbook: “The older guys have really helped me. We had the playbooks over the summer. …Watts Dantzler, David Andrews, Kolton Houston, Kenarious Gates, Chris Burnette, they all helped me over the summer get in my playbook and try to get my base down and get the calls down. It is a lot, but I try to take it day-by-day.

On how have held up working with No. 1 unit: “I come in the film room and there’s a lot of stuff I see I need to work on each and every day. These guys are really helping me get ready.”

On expectations of being a 5-star recruit: “Now it doesn’t mean anything. That’s nothing now. I’m just out here just like every other guy busting my butt.”

On how held up strength-wise: “Coming in this summer, I knew I needed to work on my strength a lot. That was one of my weaknesses. Coach T definitely helped me get ready. We busted it this summer.”

On gash on nose: “This actually happened the first day.  My helmet was a little loose and came down and it scabbed over down. Every day it’s just been bleeding. It doesn’t really hurt.

On how comfortable he is: “I’m still getting comfortable. It’s a process. There’s a long way to go for me. Those guys out there are men. I’m not going against 17- or 18-year old kids. I’m going against 21 or 22 year old men.”

On what he needs to work on: “Coming from my high school, it was a lot of Wing-T, down blocking, simple stuff. This is a lot more complex footwork. There’s a lot of little stuff to work on—your footwork, your hands, seeing the defense, knowing what they’re going to do.”

On adjusting to the no huddle: “It’s hectic. You’ve got to be on your game. We all need to work on that. When you get up to the line, they make the call. It’s snap, snap. I’ve just got to get in the playbook more and just learn my stuff. Once you know your stuff, you’re good.”

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