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Blog: Cirque du SEC (Day Three): Georgia on the scene

HOOVER, Ala.–We are going Georgia-centric on the final day of SEC Media Days.

It’s the Bulldogs time in front of microphones, cameras, and notepads.

Coach Mark Richt, quarterback Aaron Murray, tight end Arthur Lynch and defensive end Garrison Smith will be on the scene.

The beat writers who cover the team and some national scribes will get together with the group before they get going in all the various interview rooms of the Wynfrey Hotel.

Check back here all day for updates. LSU, Alabama and Vanderbilt also go on the final day.

One note: the all-SEC team and media predicted order of finish is schedule to go out at 9 a.m. ET. I’ll post on here after interviews are done with the Georgia contingent.

–Not a ton of news made out of our meeting with Richt.

No decision yet on kicker Marshall Morgan’s possible suspension. Offensive lineman Austin Long

Yes, Aaron Murray answered South Carolina star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney saying he was “scared” playing against him

“My response? Here we go,” Murray said. “Let’s just get it knocked away. I think the word fear was misused for respect. Definitely a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely not if the best player in the country, an unbelievable player, a very talented player, a guy that you really do have to game plan for and set a plan for him. Definitely not scared, but definitely respect him greatly with what he’s able to do on the field.”

Murray, who took a beating and kept on ticking (eventually) after going up against Auburn’s Nick Fairley in 2010, said he “enjoys getting hits. I’m not scared of getting hit by anyone by all means. I’m not worried about who says what or this and that.”

Murray said Clowney’s comments “were all over Twitter,” so he learned of them quickly.

“It pretty much blew up and people tweeted at me, `Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Whatever. …If I’m worried about what’s going on in front of me I’m not doing my job.

–Here‚Äôs what Richt said about Morgan, who was arrested a couple of weeks back for boating under the influence when he was asked if he knew what the kicking situation might be for the first game or two:

“You know what? I don’t know to be honest with you with the placekicking. That’s probably going to be closer to a gameday decision on what’s going to happen.”

An Athletic Association comprehensive action committee has yet to meet to discuss Morgan’s punishment since a BUI specifically doesn’t fall under athletic policies.

“A lot of vacation between Greg (McGarity) and me and other people,” Richt said. “Just really haven’t been able to hook up on that.”

–And the status of Long, the backup offensive lineman, ‚Äúis kind of undetermined,‚Äù Richt said.

“He is going through some academic stuff right now,” Richt said.

Richt said he wasn’t sure if Long is taking part in summer workouts.

“I’m not out there watching,” he said.

Here is everything that Richt said at the podium, courtesy of the SEC site.

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