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Blog: Buffalo heads to Georgia with `nothing to lose’

Buffalo coach Jeff Quinn spoke on the Mid-American Conference teleconference this morning about his team’s game at Georgia on Saturday.

A few comments:

–General overview: ‚ÄúCertainly we‚Äôre excited and ready to play. This opening game on the road certainly is going to be a tremendous opportunity for our program, our players, our coaches to compete against the sixth-ranked team in the country, the defending SEC East divisional champs in Georgia. I‚Äôm also excited that this will be our first trip‚ÄîUB‚Äîhas ever had in the state of Georgia. We search around every single year to try and find games of this caliber, at least one of them. We‚Äôve got five players on our roster from Georgia and all are making the trip. This is a team‚Äôs that got a tremendous amount of players and talent, well-coached. They‚Äôve got great balance on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Their quarterback, Aaron Murray, is one of the best I‚Äôve seen, very strong-armed, accurate and a great decision-maker. Their offensive line gives them a lot of time to find his two key main weapons, Tavarres King and Marlon Brown, both seniors. Our defense is going to have to really step up and put some pressure on him and really defend the ball when it‚Äôs in the air and certainly be challenged with our run defense. Offensively, we‚Äôve got to continue creating a well-balanced offensive productive system. We‚Äôre continuously trying to run the ball and with Bo (Oliver) coming back he‚Äôs had a great fall camp. I feel really good about him. …All three phases have gotta come together. We‚Äôre going to need all 66 when we take them down to Georgia.‚Äù

–On motivation for game as underdogs by more than five touchdowns: ‚ÄúWe obviously want to go into this game basing our goals on execution in all three phases. Certainly when we talk about the consistency of our football team to play against a quality caliber opponent like Georgia, it‚Äôs going to make for some difficult moments in the game, but our kids have got to dig deep and we‚Äôve got to keep it close. Obviously, that‚Äôs a big part of this. They do a great job of completing the deep ball, we‚Äôve just got to stay away from a lot of big plays, but really nothing to lose. We go down for the national exposure to play against a great team like Georgia. We know that our focus is on this one particular game, but also that there‚Äôs 11 games. We‚Äôre always talking to our kids about competing for Mid-American Conference championships and to have this opportunity to play against a great caliber of team like Georgia is going to give us some insight into where we‚Äôre at and also to see some of our depth. We‚Äôre going to give them a chance to go down there and play.”

–On playing on big stage against Georgia at Sanford Stadium: ‚ÄúOur focus is to get ready to compete for the Mid-American Conference championship and when you play against some of the best caliber teams, I think our kids realize we‚Äôre not that far away. These kids understand that these games are played for a reason, to have that national exposure. It‚Äôs just an exciting experience for these young men. It‚Äôs going to be a hot, humid day, I know that. 12:20 kickoff at 85 degrees and some humid weather. Our kids are all going to have to be locked in.‚Äù

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