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Blog: Bobo‚Äôs ‚Äô98 Outback Bowl lives on in record book, and some ’11 offensive numbers

Mike Bobo didn’t plan to go to the videotape to relive his bowl game to remember.

“I don’t know if we have it,” Georgia’s offensive coordinator said. “I think it’s on Beta.”

The former Bulldogs’ quarterback was talking last week about his 1998 Outback Bowl performance against Wisconsin—26 of 28 passing with 19 straight completions—that lives on in the SEC record books.

Most Consecutive Completions

19 -Mike Bobo, Georgia vs. Wisconsin (1998 Outback)

13 -Jeff Francis, Tennessee vs. Indiana (1988 Peach)

12 -Tim Tebow, Florida vs . Cincinnati (2010 Sugar)

Highest Completion Percentage

.929 (26-28) – Mike Bobo, Georgia vs. Wisconsin (1998 Outback)

.886 (31-35) – Tim Tebow, Florida vs. Cincinnati (2010 Sugar)

.833 (10-12) РRichard Todd, Alabama vs.  Penn State  (1975 Sugar)

The consecutive completions are still an NCAA bowl record. The highest completion percentage record now belongs to Wake Forest’s Riley Skinner who went 11 of 11 against Navy in the 2008 EagleBank Bowl.

The 33-6 win against the Badgers was brought up last week while Georgia was preparing for another trip to Tampa to play in the Outback Bowl against Michigan State.

“It was one of those things where everything worked and you didn’t really feel like they could stop us that day,” said Bobo, who passed for 267 yards and a touchdown on the day.

Hines Ward set an Outback Bowl record with 12 catches for 154 yards. Robert Edwards rushed for 110 yards and three touchdowns

“I remember it being cold and windy all week in practice,” Bobo said. “I really couldn’t complete anything at practice to be honest. It was bad. We started out with a couple of little short passes and guys made plays. I think I might have thrown one pass over 15 yards.”

Bobo chalked it up as “you didn’t really feel like they could stop us that day.”

“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody put a game together like he did against us,” Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez said before Georgia played Wisconsin again in the Outback Bowl in 2004. “He just didn’t miss anything.”

–Bobo‚Äôs no-huddle offense and quarterback Aaron Murray can add to their own numbers against Michigan State.

Georgia is running more plays this year and that’s showing on the SEC’s season records.

Keep in mind Georgia will have played 14 games thanks to its appearance in the SEC championship game.

Where the Bulldogs stack up:

Total plays -Georgia (current 945 is 9th in SEC history – projected 1,018 would be 3rd in

SEC history)

Touchdown psses -Georgia (current 35 – projected 38 would be tied for 8th in SEC history)

Total first downs -Georgia (current 281 – projected 303 would be T8th in SEC history)

Touchdown passes – Aaron Murray (current 33 is 8th in SEC history – projected 36

would be tied for T4th in SEC history)

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