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Blog: About that talk of a blackout? Richt answers the call(s)

The idea was floated by Aaron Murray during Tennessee week when the Vols went with Smokey Gray uniforms. The Georgia senior quarterback spoke about wanting black jerseys for his last home game against Kentucky.

“It definitely adds a little bit of juice to you,” Murray said. “You look good, you feel good, you play good.”

So how about it, Mark Richt?

Fans asked the coach Monday night on his radio show about players wearing the jerseys Saturday.

“If I had black jerseys to give them, I’d have them wear ‘em,” Richt said. “We just don’t have them. I don’t know if that’s going to break everybody’s heart or not, but we don’t have any black jerseys in stock. If we did, I’d be all for it. I’ll say this: if the fans want to honor Aaron Murray’s request and bless him and the seniors, and I’m sure our players would love if the fans did a blackout. The players don’t necessarily have to wear the black jerseys to get a blackout, do they? It would probably help, but we don’t have all black jerseys. I’m sorry if I ruined it for everybody. I think I was supposed to wait until tomorrow to talk about that. I messed that up.”

Richt said if the fans want to wear black, he’ll do the same.

“How about that? I’ll go all Johnny Cash.”

One caller told Richt that he would call Nike tomorrow and get the jerseys sent this way.

“I wish we could,” Richt said.

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